Wednesday 28 May 2008

NOT: Breakin' Boundaries, Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road

The blurb sounded so promising "a mind blowing audio visual experience, will see audio visual artists taking films from the early 20th century, modulating, dissecting and thrusting them into the future propelled by a good helping of some of the best electronic music to date." The reality: Guantanamo Bay-style techno torture which left me stressed and headachy. Who told these 'artists' that their work should be inflicted on the unsuspecting public? Micropolis was a dull work full of crackling static (like listening to wood burning) interspersed with booming sounds and beeps that made me feel like I was in an electronic uterus. Dr Caligari was fifteen minutes of epilepsy-inducing strobe lighting accompanied by head-searing screaming white noise (HELP) - so awful that I was praying for a power blackout. There were two more works but I simply couldn't handle anymore - my insides were screaming 'MAKE IT STOP'.

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