Saturday, 31 May 2008

HOT: Sex and the City, Barbican

I have never been in the presence of so much shrill oestrogen as in the foyer of the Barbican cinema, waiting to see this much anticipated movie. While I disliked the happy ending (I'm in the minority I think) the film didn't disappoint. In amongst the glamorous outfits, overt product placement and the wrinkles of the ageing cast, the best of SATC remained - those moments where a character said something or did something that really struck home for me: Carrie experiencing the most wretched heartbreak, unable to leave her bed; Miranda's suburban drudgery and grey loneliness on New Years Eve; the honesty and unconditional support of your friends. I don't know whether it was the three pre-movie cocktails or my hormones were running wild, but I found myself blubbering through many moments in the film.

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Tim said...

You too? Jenny said she was crying as well.

Perplexing for Brendan and me....