Tuesday, 13 May 2008

HOT: Listening Post at Science Museum, Exhibition Road South Kensington

Listening Post is a fantastically mesmerising installation which explores the intersection between science and art, data and meaning, and public and private lives. Algorithms scrape fragments of uncensored text live from online chatrooms and a grid of small screens displays the words in symphonic 'movements' while a disembodied synthesised voice reads the text out, sometimes accompanied to music, sometimes just to beeping and keyboard-tapping sounds. The most interesting movement was the series of flickering text starting with "I am..." as it reminded me that there was a human element to the green-screen text. "I am 16" "I am 85" "I am hungry" "I am from Ontario, Canada". Take some time to see this and immerse yourself in the curiousity and connections of our online age.

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