Wednesday, 21 May 2008

HOT: Never So Good, National Theatre, Southbank

Sometimes it's handy having a boyfriend in politics because he can spout facts and quotable quotes about any politician you care to name. So Tim's 20 Facts on Harold Macmillan (eg Tory, WW1 veteran, Churchill, almost killed in WW2, Prime Minister, Suez Canal, Profumo) provided a useful background for this new play about the life of Harold Macmillan, the man who famously told the electorate that 'You've never had it so good'. The play was interesting, educational and well-written (although I suspect some of the best bon mots were quotes from real people). The cast was very solid and Hollywood star Jeremy Irons, looking very old, was believable as the awkward, slightly bumbling Macmillan. Definitely worth seeing. Finally, our star-spotting evening was capped off by a sighting of Dustin Hoffman filming at Southbank.

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