Thursday, 22 May 2008

HOT: Rambert Dance Company, Sadlers Wells, Rosebery Avenue EC1R

This mixed bill from 'Britain's leading contemporary dance company' was one of the most enjoyable modern dance productions I've seen in a while. Scribblings started with a dramatically oversized lampshade swinging like an ominous pendulum as dancers writhed, leaped and ran backwards (!). I particularly the enjoyed the melting and tangled pas de deux as the pair reminded me of claymation animated characters, twisting up and sinking into the ground. Carnival of the Animals (set to Saint-Saen's music) was witty and joyous, and I loved the delicate filigree of the waltz. Anatomica #3 started with the bizarre vista of many Queen Elizabeth clones dressed in a pink hat, pink shift dress, holding a white handbag. One by one each dancer stripped to reveal rippling muscles to don streetwear, ending the evening with pounding drumbeats and dramatic physicality.

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