Friday, 16 May 2008

HOT: Just To(o) Long? at Battersea Arts Centre, Lavendar Hill London SW11 5TN

Billed as a 'dinner party with a difference', this one hour theatre experience as part of the Burst festival was set in mystery location (a drool-worthy apartment in Battersea) where a random group of six sat at a long dining room table, covered our eyes with an eye mask, and then tried to make sense of sensory fragments. We heard snippets of dinner-party dialogue and sounds of scrubbing, felt the breeze from a floating tablecloth and sniffed freshly ground pepper. At various times I found myself slurping spaghetti bolognese very loudly with a duckbill umbrella over my head, shooting a water pistol at another hapless dinner party guest, eating a sweet macaroon and holding a birthday gift. Definitely an unusual experience.

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