Sunday, 17 February 2008

HOT: Skylon, Royal Festival Hall

This high-ceilinged 'destination' venue is dark and sexy (with gorgeous flower arrangements) and has incredible twinkling views of the Thames from its floor to ceiling windows. We visited the more relaxed grill side for our absolutely free 3 course meal (normally £21.50 each) courtesy of my toptable points and we left happily content with very full stomachs full of good food.

Update 30 July 2008: Second free meal at Skylon thanks to toptable and this time I have to recommend them on their speedy pre-theatre service. Three courses in 1 hour left us feeling dizzy but every course was just lover-ly: prosciutto with melon, smoked chicken salad, duck confit with peas and pancetta, salmon and smoked haddock fishcake, sticky date pudding and chocolate mousse.

Update 16 November 2008: Third free meal at Skylon thanks to toptable and unfortunately it looks like standards have dropped. The chicken and foie gras terrine was covered in some radioactive picalilli, the onglet was uninspired and the hazlenut mouse dessert of the day had so obviously been pre-prepared that they might as well have covered it in plastic and given me a plastic spoon. And the free meal is now only two courses, not three.

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