Wednesday, 30 July 2008

HOT: Her Naked Skin, National Theatre, Southbank

A difficult call. On the one hand: a worthy subject matter; mobile prison grille set with different tableaus sliding from underneath the frame; Lesley Manville's lovely upper-class English voice and National Theatre's wondrous £10 ticket scheme. On the other hand: independent and scattered vignettes rather than a storyline; a lesbian affair lacking chemistry and credibility and a very slow-moving second half. In the end, I lean slightly towards HOT if only because it gave me appreciation, however shallow, of the intense strength of will of the suffragettes and made me resolve to not take for granted my right to vote.

NB To the sweaty-hoofed person sitting somewhere behind me - keep your nauseating smelly shoes on next time!


Tim said...

No! This was definitely a not. Worthy but Boooring!

Tranzie said...

i am glad to read this review as was very tempted by (1) £10 travelex tickets and (2) the plight of the suffragettes.

Jetsetting Joyce said...

Well - the Guardian gave it 4 stars and the Metro gave it 3 it does seem like there's a divergence of opinion. I guess it's only 10 pounds if you want to make up your own mind. But I have to agree with the Metro on one point - equating feminism with lesbianism doesn't do anyone any favours.