Sunday, 27 July 2008

HOT: Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, Clive Steps Kings Charles Street SW1A 2AQ

Supertourist Sunday stop #2 was the fascinating underground war bunker of Churchill's WWII War Cabinet, and an extensive museum documenting the life and achievements of this brilliant man. It was depressing to think of the War Cabinet and all their staff working, sleeping and eating in dark, dank and windowless concrete rooms for 6 years - and amazing that after VJ day, they just tidied their desks and went home, leaving everything exactly as it was until it was opened up by the Imperial War Museum in the 70s. The adjoining Churchill museum was an in-depth exploration of Churchill's life and his impact on history filled with interesting exhibits, interactive touchscreens, videos and old radio broadcasts. My favourite exhibits included an examination of his stirring speeches and speech-writing techniques; his wife's letter lovingly reminding him that his difficult behaviour was starting to alienate his staff and colleagues; and examples of his humour and wit in his dealings with others. Well worth the trip - and if you have a overground railway ticket, you can get 2 for 1 off the entry fee.

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Cara said...

Joyce - procrastinating at work so checked your latest hot or not - so glad you went to this and like it!