Friday, 25 July 2008

HOT: Chegworth Farm Shop, 221 Kensington Church Street W8 7LX

I enjoyed a small £2 tub of pear and ginger sorbet in the summer heat from this stupendously expensive farm shop. It sells lots of gorgeously presented fruits and veges bursting with freshness and colour, but is only affordable if you live in a 20-room mansion in Notting Hill.

Update 4 August 2008: Thanks to Chegworth Farm Shop for reminding me about the lovely ice-cream was from Taywell.


eAi said...

Hey, I'm sorry you think our shop is expensive. We do our best to be good value, but it's a massive challenge. The price we pay for produce varies considerably - the ice cream you mention (which is great!) costs us more than you'd pay for a similarily-sized pot of ice cream in a supermarket. We really want to support small, local producers, which is exactly what Taywell (where the ice cream comes from) is, but unfortuately, small, local producers do not have the economy of scale that Häagen-Dazs etc do. That said, the ice cream has been very popular over the last few weeks.

We're glad you like the presentation of the shop - we put a lot of effort into it. As the shop has grown out of the farmers' markets we do on the weekends, we're aware how important it is that everything looks good!

We can't claim to be the 'reducing prices every week' like Tescos can, but we're doing our best.

If you visit again, feel free to have a chat with either me (Edwin) or David Deme (who runs the farm) about things - any feedback is very welcome. This is our first shop, and we've got much to learn!

Edwin Lyons

eAi said...

Oh, my email address is edwin (at) chegworth [dot] com if you wish to contact me.

Jetsetting Joyce said...

Hi Edwin

Thanks very much for your comments. I appreciate that you are running a business with a business model that is marketed to a particular clientele. From my perspective, I found the shop expensive (but great quality), but that's not to say that your target market in Notting Hill will feel the same way. I will continue to buy the Taywell ice-cream from you, as I think it is delicious and good value!

Jetsetting Joyce