Saturday, 8 September 2007

HOT: HK Diner, 22 Wardour Street Soho

You have to line up to get in, it's clean, the service is quick and it's filled with young Asian people, all a good sign. The food proved to be fantastic and cheap. I love their dry beef stir fried noodles - I hate it when noodles are gluggy and full of sticky sauce. Our snow pea sprouts had the proper kick of garlic and the salt and pepper pork was tender and tasty. A great place in amongst a lot of other Chinese dross in Chinatown, and open till 4am!

Update 13 February 2009: Part 2 of Martin's introduction to proper Chinese food was another success. Without even realising it, we ordered the same food as my previous visit - noodles, snow pea sprouts, pork - and it was just as good. Also great was the seafood and tofu hotpot and the sesame bubble tea. I'd avoid the lettuce wraps though, as I thought the filling was a bit too soggy.

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