Tuesday, 17 June 2008

NOT: Cha Cha Moon, 15-21 Ganton Street W1F 9BN

This Hong Kong style noodle joint recently opened to much anticipation, so I was excited to try it out for myself. Unfortunately, it was a disappointing experience. I have made better dumplings than the lumpen balls we were served. The chilli prawn lao mein was reminiscient of the slop served at Tay Do, with a heavy flourescent orange gravy and a minimal number of prawns. Finally, the chicken fen pi had a watery dressing with too-strong flavours of rice wine (Tim thought it tasted like vodka). I thought I'd give it one more chance with Singapore Fried Noodles, but after waiting for 15 minutes for its arrival (when everything else had taken 5 minutes) the waiter looked at me blankly and asked whether I'd ordered the dish yesterday (???) - then our bill charged £10 worth of drinks which weren't ours. With such terrible service and a noisy crushed dining room, the only consolation was that each dish only cost £3.50. While prices remain low I might give some other menu items one more shot, as it seems unbelievable that an Alan Yau restaurant could be this bad.

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