Wednesday, 25 June 2008

HOT: Radiohead, Victoria Park

Kid A is the only album I play when I need a break from the hectic, chattering world - I lie down in my room in the pitch black, stare at the ceiling and rest my mind. Radiohead in the outdoor expanse of Victoria Park was a wholly different experience and this incredible gig was a breathtaking greatest hits show, including the tribal drumbeats of There There; the classic rock of The Bends; the angelic chimes of No Surprises and the ethereal Paranoid Android. To my surprise and delight, the band played my Radiohead Top Three: the first wail of "Everythiiiiiiing......" into the blue cloudless sky in Everything in its Right Place gave me chills up my spine and almost brought tears; then the immediate segue into the searing beats of Idioteque and the most thrilling moment: 40,000 fans singing back to Thom Yorke under a single spotlight "For a minute there, I lost myself" in Karma Police.

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