Friday, 11 April 2008

HOT: Portishead, Hammersmith Apollo

Beth Gibbons' voice has matured and deepened from the wispiness of Dummy - but the trippy beats and emotional energy has remained the same from one of my favourite down-beat bands. The crowd went crazy for their big hits from years ago such as Glory Box, and I think their new tracks of tribal beats and current-issue lyrics means that their upcoming album will be a hit. I also liked the shots of the band on the big screens, where sound seemed to be translated into light streaks emanating from the guitar strings, cymbals and microphones. Finally, bring on more gigs at the Hammersmith Apollo - a large Art Deco venue with a sloped floor (good for shorties like me) plus so convenient to get home on the tube. I think I like it more than Brixton Academy (gasp)!

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