Monday, 8 September 2008

HOT: The Kitchen, 275 New King's Road, Parsons Green SW6 4RD

The Kitchen is like my own kitchen at home, except bigger, cleaner, better stocked, more organised and with a Michelin-starred chef on hand to give you tips. I loved this unique cooking experience - you select what meals you would like to prepare via the seasonal menu on the website and turn up at your allotted time. At your workstation the exact quantities of each ingredient are chopped in readiness so you can just follow the instructions to prepare each meal. In an hour, voila: Aori Squid with Oriental Broth, Salmon and Smoked Haddock Fishcakes and Stuffed Round Courgettes with Nicoise Vegetables, all packaged professionally in oven-ready containers with instructions - and someone else does the washing up! Good luck to Natalie and Thierry - they've really hit on a great idea which caters for time-poor mums who still want to prepare healthy, fresh meals for their families to singles stuck in a recipe rut.

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