Sunday, 17 August 2008

HOT: Arancina, 19 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater W2 4UA

When I cycle home from Notting Hill Gate, I've often been drawn to the window display of Arancina; a jolly orange Mini with pizzas jutting appetisingly out its side window. Happily, they've now opened a second store closer to home, with the same eye-catching decor. This is Italian fast food as it should be - delicious non-stodgy arancini filled with saffron risotto and a variety of fillings, encased in light crumbs (£2) and thin-based (but not soggy) wood-fired pizzas with simple toppings sold by the large slice (£2.90). Everything is bright, tasty and fresh, and no doubt, being run by Italians, they probably do some very good coffee too.

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