Saturday, 3 November 2007

NOT: Hereford Road, 3 Hereford Road, Notting Hill

I am feeling the Wrath of Joyce. I really wanted to like this new restaurant: rave review in Time Out, protege chef of Fergus Henderson (of St John fame), British seasonable fare at good prices and near my house. Unfortunately, after gushing over the skylit dining room, it was all downhill. 1:15pm: everyone is seated. 1:45pm: we finally catch someone's eye to take our order and then find out the 'seasonal' 'daily-changing' menu item of pheasant is already unavailable. 2:30pm: we request some bread and water in a Soviet gulag attempt to stave our clenching hunger. 2:45 our meals arrive, including a cold, overcooked 'rare' beef onglet (photographic evidence). The only saving grace was the company of good friends and the restaurant acknowledged the bad experience, so took one dish and two bottles of wine off the bill. But you can bet that I won't be going back and I'll be telling everyone I know to avoid it. Sorry.

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