Saturday, 20 October 2007

HOT: Cajun Dance Party at Club 229 Great Portland Street

The bouncer stared at my face and my ID incredulously “1979???”. Quickly doing the maths, that would make me probably 10 years older than everyone else at the school gym hall cum ‘Club 229’ for the gig of up-and-coming London rock band, Cajun Dance Party. As we looked around at the baby-faced crowd, Caro and I played ‘guess his age’ and the boys calculated the youngest girl they could date acceptably (half your age + 7 years). The support act was particularly disturbing with a kohl-eyed mini-skirted ingénue breathily singing into the microphone. CDJ were very good and with experience could become really big - the lead singer had the requisite skinny jeans angsty look (holding his head in his hands a lot) and the lead guitarist was very talented. Keep an eye out on these youngsters.

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